Some relics from the past. Old names/companies like, Underwood, Smith-Corona, IBM ( maybe the only company of this group to transition into the PC age).

Location: Rock Springs Museum, Rock Springs, WYO.

Getting close to Un-Winterizing the Mothership. There is a mobile RV service north of Seattle that has been helping me with maintenance, repairs, etc. They are coming down April 15th to flush out the system and make sure things didn’t freeze over this past Winter. In May I will wash it, from top to bottom. After the cleaning I have a major project to re-seal all of the roof seams. Takes a special kind of caulk that cost $20 a tube– and I will need at least 10 tubes! It rains so much in the NW……….

By June we should be ready to launch 🙂

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle.


Rock Springs Museum

Old technology on display at the Rock Springs, Wyoming museum. They had an amazing collection of typewriters, old pc’s, phones and medical equipment. In my first adult job, back in 1970, I used a Burroughs ten-key adding machine. At home I had a typewriter, similar to the one shown here, to do some writing and correspondence. So much has changed!

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle, BRRRRR!