Roswell, The Mother of all….

Much like Route 66 is known as the Mother of all Highways, America’s Highway, etc. Roswell, for almost 70 years, has been the Mother of all UFO stories in modern times. Of course this is an oversimplification, but you get the idea.

After a long flight from Clinton, OK. we docked the Mothership in Roswell, New Mexico this evening. We were greeted by this little green man and some interesting cloud formations behind us. Temps were in the upper 90’s, but there were threats of thunderstorms. We actually passed through one on US 70 about 40 miles from Roswell.

The High Plains are really fascinating and devoid of humans. Not even any roadkill, as we have been seeing armadillos every few miles crossing Missouri and into Oklahoma.

This morning we stopped in Elk City, OK. to spend time at the National Route 66 museum. Great place to check out the history of the highway. We spent some time in a diner they had set up on the site and talked with a couple for some time. Human contact!

After Clinton we drove on Route 66 for a while and ran through a very strange place called Texola, near the Texas border. I took a lot of photos with my D610 and will be posting those after the journey has ended and I have time to do the usual editing. To see a town just get swallowed up by nature is really creepy; the people move out and nature moves in. There was a town in Mew Mexico I wished we had stopped at to walk around as it was even creepier. Elidia, ( I believe). This was supposedly still a vital town, right on US 70, but as we drove through every house was vacant and looked as though everyone packed up and left 20 years ago. If there was ever a ghost town this was it. I was creeped-out just driving through and didn’t think to stop until I had gotten over the shock of what I was seeing. I’m hoping we  pass through some other old towns as we move West and North the next few days.

Planet America is a very diverse and unusual place!

Safe travels

till next time,

from the Mothership!

Late Posting

Sorry about the lack of posting. No or slow wi-fi. Images are from Hells Canyon in Idaho and on the Interstate ( somewhere in space?). We are in Lyman, Wyoming at the moment. We were planning on staying in Rock Springs, Wyoming last night BUT, there was a major hazmat issue on I-80, just east of Echo Canyon, Utah. A Fedex semi over turned and one of it’s two trailers was carrying hazardous material, we sat for over three hours waiting for things to get cleaned up. Although the accident occurred in the westbound lane and we were in the east bound lane, the officials decided it was safer to shut everything down. They let our direction go after 3 hours, but the westbound traffic would be spending 9 hours parked on the Interstate till they could get the trailer upright and out of the way. Along this stretch of I-80 there are no frontage roads so there was basically no detour available for the hundreds of vehicles, mostly tractor/trailers.

Murphy’s Law, I guess. So we are now behind a bit in our timetable, but we decided we were pushing things too much, anyway. Being on the road 8-10 hours a day is too much for  me, at least. So, time to slow things down.

Till next time!

Less than 24 Hours

We launch in less than 24 hours! Last minute preparations are ongoing; clothes and food being stowed onboard. Last hours of enjoying the domestic conveniences before we journey forth.

I forgot I had bought this sticker back in June. So, now The Mothership has two decals, this one is a reference to Tom Wolfe’s classic tome, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, documenting the journey of Ken Kesey’s bus load of  Merry Pranksters as they traveled cross country in 1964. The destination of the bus was ‘Further’. Taking it one more step, Furthest seemed like a modest tribute to the ongoing adventures the road offers, never-ending.


New Decal


Since I inadvertently destroyed the original decal with Acetone ( ooopsy) I ordered another one from the same company, in Oregon. If you ever need a car sticker/decal try, they are great! I’ve actually got another one, a little larger than this with a white background as a spare. I like this one as just the graphics stick to the surface. You peel off the backing and after it is set in place, the translucent front part peels off and you are left with just the graphic part. Looks less like a decal and more like an actual painted surface-perhaps?

The countdown begins: Launch date in four days!