Prairie City, Oregon: Abandoned

Abandoned property across from the site where we stayed in Prairie City, OR. Interestingly, this property is adjacent to the cemetery that I posted previously. I wonder if the spirits from the cemetery drove the inhabitants of this property away?

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from the Mothership

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Views from the Cemetery #2

Crooked headstones,  a Masonic Symbol and mountain in the background all make for great exploration of this cemetery in Prairie City, OR. Adam seems to have lost Maddy or is not quite as adventuresome as she.

Prairie City, OR.

After leaving Weiser, ID. we drove to Prairie City, OR. The campsite was on the grounds of the local museum and adjacent to a pasture of sorts and a cemetery. It was nice to have full hookups after dry camping in Weiser. As we drove across central Oregon the haze from forest fires was everywhere, it seemed. We had our grandkids with us so they kept us on our toes. There favorite spot was the cemetery across the street. I had to corral them before dusk as they wanted to read every headstone. Burial sites dating back to Civil War days. The cemetery was located across a narrow road and was the highest point in the area. The dead got the best real estate!

Safe Travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle!