Slough in Seaside

One of my favorite parts of Seaside is not the ocean or beach, but the slough that runs both through part of the town and also to the East. Great place for watching all sorts of wildlife, that seems to change with the changing tide.

What Every Small Town Needs

Cruising around Seaside on a battery powered trike I ran across these landmarks. Every small town needs a  down-sized Statue of Liberty replica a place (s) of worship and of course a Masons Lodge. Those Masons are everywhere!

Safe Travels

from The Mothership!

Abandoned Along Route 66 (more)

Even the billboards are abandoned along Route 66! No Burma Shave signs…..just a mostly forgotten pathway from the near past. I think it is a good thing we have these reminders from a different time in our history. I would feel worse if they leveled every building or structure that was abandoned. At least if there is even a shell of what used to be  we can imagine and get some sense of the past.

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle.

Abandoned along Route 66

More abandoned buildings along Route 66. Doesn’t take too long for the sagebrush and tumbleweed to claim the grounds.If we had had more time I would have docked the Mothership and walked around and, perhaps, explored inside some of these buildings; next time :-).

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle!