Homer on the Road


At an RV park in Iowa ( I think) or maybe….Missouri*..? Anyway, this Homer replica seemed to be the mascot of the Park.

{I think I am getting desperate for posting material in this off-season! :-)}

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle!

*Now that I think of it, I believe this was in Springfield, Missouri.

Springfield, MO.


Aug. 9th, 2016. Stayed the night in this RV Park in Springfield, MO. Humidity was so high here you could barely breath. Temps were in the 90’s. The cicadas were deafeningly loud!

There was an old and somewhat odd couple that lived in and ran this park. They dealt in cash only, no capability of doing a credit or debit transaction. Our spot, which you see here, was really close to their office/living space, but the old guy, seemingly on autopilot, got on his electric golf cart and ‘guided’ us to our spot. It was kind of silly, but he had probably been doing this for years and I didn’t want to interfere with his routine, so I followed him for about 50 feet to our spot.

The morning of this day we were in Springfield, Ill. visiting Lincoln’s home. It was a double Springfield day 🙂

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle.