Greetings:First Voyage of 2017

After a long respite I think we are ready for our first voyage of 2017. It’s been a rough year; my co-pilot/navigator fell and broke her arm in late March. A week before that event our 16 y/o cat, Izzy, was diagnosed with bone cancer in his jaw ( amazingly he is still with us) and a week or two after that I broke the 4th metatarsal bone in my right foot ( getting out of bed). I am in a boot, but am hoping I am on the mend enough to have a normal first voyage on July, 1st. I see the podiatrist on June 30th for x-rays, etc. so that is cutting things pretty close to cast off time :-). Currently I am driving my car using my right, big toe to work the pedals, as it is impossible to work the pedals with a boot ( although I did try).

Anyway, The Mothership is Un-Winterized, re-insured for the next three months, and I think, as ready as can be expected. We are just going to Seaside, Oregon for a few days. No major voyages planned this year. We are planning on driving to Eastern Oregon to catch the eclipse in Aug. ( along with a gazillion other crazies).

Greetings from The Mothership!

Safe travels to all in 2017!!

Believe in the Cosmic Giggle………it’s real! 🙂

More Travels

The Face on the Tree, although there is a slight resemblance to the Face on Mars, is from Roswell and the place we stayed for one night. Seems like everyone in Roswell is promoting weirdness as well as UFO research. The second shot is from the Grand Canyon. We spent a morning stopping at a few viewpoints and then I lost patience with all of the tour buses and ……well, just too many humans overrunning this national treasure.

Last night there was no viable WiFi, hence no posting. We stayed in Needles, CA. just at the beginning of the Mohave Desert. It was 115 degrees when we stopped for the evening around 7pm. Tonight in Vasilia , CA. it is a cool 100 degrees. As we head north the temps should cool down a bit, we hope.

Which brings me to this point: I had a reoccurrence of my food poisoning experience in Flagstaff, AZ two nights ago and we decided it was good to push a little harder to get home by Wednesday night so I could see the doctor on Thursday. We didn’t change our route/course, just the amount of miles we drive each day and we curt down the  stay at Mt. Shasta to one night instead of two. So,…..I have emailed my doctor and hope to hear from him on Monday, which I think is tomorrow, right? I have totally lost track of days and days of the week over the past couple of weeks. I bought a $8 watch that doesn’t have those features, oddly enough. So….. I seemed to be untethered from the daily, weekly routines- which is a good place to be.

Also, all of the images I have been posting have been phone pics, with some editing. I do have nearly 1000 images on my two DSLR’s and a point and shoot camera to go through over the next weeks, so even though the journey will be over, the images will linger. If there was better wifi connections along this journey I would have attempted to post a few High Res images, but….. time constraints, etc.

I have a trip to New York set for the end of October so I hope I am finished with these images by then. When I get back from New York I actually have a wedding reception to shoot as well as a portfolio to shoot for a musician friend of mine. Going to be a busy Fall.

We have met some interesting people along this journey; this planet is worthy of preserving if we can find a way to get to a compromise and start working with nature rather then exploiting. One of my personal paradigm shifts was seeing all of the Wind Turbine farms in Nebraska and Iowa, two places I don’t think as all that progressive. They are way ahead of the rest of the nation. And, sadly, places like Arizona, which has all of that sunshine and few inhabitants did not have one wind turbine farm! Instead, what I saw were old, coal burning power plants in an ecosystem that could probably meet all of their power needs by solar. Something is really amiss with Arizona. I would bet the power lobby ( coal) has something to do with this situation. Really too bad. The coal bring power plants must be 50-75 years old and a blight on the landscape. Mountains of coal!!! Their coal has to be brought from elsewhere, so…….more waste in the system.

Anyway, I sit here using my one free hour of WiFi, hurriedly typing away while dripping with sweat; my fingers are literally slipping around the keys!!

Be well

Safe Travels

from The Mothership.

Crater and Canyon


Today we view both the Barringer Crater, outside of Flagstaff, AZ. and Walnut Canyon, nearer to Flagstaff. I had never heard of Walnut Canyon, but it is a pretty amazing place. Cliff dwellings are all over the canyon walls. The canyon floor is 185′, nearly straight, below the canyon surface. I  have no idea how whomever lived in these cave/cliff sites got up and down the canyon walls.

While we were there thunderstorms passed and it was cool to hear the thunder overhead while walking down the canyon.

The area around the Crater is very sparse, as you can see; kind of a moonscape ambiance.

Tomorrow, Le Canyon Grande

Till next time

Safe travels,

From the Mothership!

Roswell Museum

This morning we visited the UFO Museum on Main St. Roswell. Interesting and fun. It was really hot, upper 90’s so we didn’t linger.

Tonight we are at Grants, New Mexico, at an elevation of 6400′. Much cooler and the geography is fascinating, surrounding us with mesa’s and high desert vegetation= sage brush.

We have 8 days to get home. Tonight we mapped out the rest of the trip. Tomorrow we land in Flagstaff, AZ.

Meeting some interesting humans on this journey, and some aliens as well, as you can see in the photo above 😉.

Safe travels,

from the Mothership.

Roswell, The Mother of all….

Much like Route 66 is known as the Mother of all Highways, America’s Highway, etc. Roswell, for almost 70 years, has been the Mother of all UFO stories in modern times. Of course this is an oversimplification, but you get the idea.

After a long flight from Clinton, OK. we docked the Mothership in Roswell, New Mexico this evening. We were greeted by this little green man and some interesting cloud formations behind us. Temps were in the upper 90’s, but there were threats of thunderstorms. We actually passed through one on US 70 about 40 miles from Roswell.

The High Plains are really fascinating and devoid of humans. Not even any roadkill, as we have been seeing armadillos every few miles crossing Missouri and into Oklahoma.

This morning we stopped in Elk City, OK. to spend time at the National Route 66 museum. Great place to check out the history of the highway. We spent some time in a diner they had set up on the site and talked with a couple for some time. Human contact!

After Clinton we drove on Route 66 for a while and ran through a very strange place called Texola, near the Texas border. I took a lot of photos with my D610 and will be posting those after the journey has ended and I have time to do the usual editing. To see a town just get swallowed up by nature is really creepy; the people move out and nature moves in. There was a town in Mew Mexico I wished we had stopped at to walk around as it was even creepier. Elidia, ( I believe). This was supposedly still a vital town, right on US 70, but as we drove through every house was vacant and looked as though everyone packed up and left 20 years ago. If there was ever a ghost town this was it. I was creeped-out just driving through and didn’t think to stop until I had gotten over the shock of what I was seeing. I’m hoping we  pass through some other old towns as we move West and North the next few days.

Planet America is a very diverse and unusual place!

Safe travels

till next time,

from the Mothership!

Homer and Spencer

Last night we docked in Springfield, Missouri . I did discover that this is the hometown of Homer Simpson! He might be as famous as Abe Lincoln, who came from another Spiringfield, in Illinois.

In the morning we drove about 20 miles on the old Route 66 that is still drivable ( much of the original 1920-30 version is gone, but some of the 1950’s road is still viable ( but rough in spots). We drove by the little ( over statement) of Spencer, Missouri. What you see in the photo is the whole town. If you look at the prices for gas, you will see that your eyes ar not deceiving you;  that’s .12 and .14 cents per gallon. The place is frozen in time. Those prices go back to the 50’s and early 60’s.

Tonight we are docked in Clinton, OK. It is 94 degrees out! Being from Seattle, this is heat stroke territory. Tomorrow we head for Roswell, NM. home of the Mother of all Mothership events. The temps and wi-fi may be insufferable. We are heading into the HOT part of our journey.

After a week all is well.

Safe travels,

From the Mothership .

New Decal


Since I inadvertently destroyed the original decal with Acetone ( ooopsy) I ordered another one from the same company, in Oregon. If you ever need a car sticker/decal try, they are great! I’ve actually got another one, a little larger than this with a white background as a spare. I like this one as just the graphics stick to the surface. You peel off the backing and after it is set in place, the translucent front part peels off and you are left with just the graphic part. Looks less like a decal and more like an actual painted surface-perhaps?

The countdown begins: Launch date in four days!