Seaside Slough

A marker honoring those who served and a glimpse of the slough as it curves its way around the town. Since we were in Seaside during the week of July 4th it seemed appropriate to acknowledge past veterans.

A week from  today we are casting off the lines of the Mothership and taking a journey to Weiser, ID. to view the eclipse . Very scenic area along the Oregon/Idaho border and the Snake River. We will be there three days, dry camping ( kind of roughing it) along with a horde of other folks headed to that area to view the eclipse for 2:07 minutes!

Safe travels

from the Mothership!

PS: my apologies for a less than exciting blog this summer. I hope the Idaho voyage will make up for things. Health issues have impacted daily life as well as travel plans.

3 thoughts on “Seaside Slough

  1. Are you kidding? Your photo journeys are always interesting! Give yourself some space, allow for times, seasons, and vagaries of health. A favorite theme which you have done recently, is the Trespassing Series. There are so many more places where you could potentially trespass, including other neighbors’ yards! Think about a Sedentary Series for when you can’t get out — we will soon be trapped by rain for months at a time, so plan ahead! Clean the kitchen window so you can sit there and take photos from inside! If all else fails there is always the Corners of the Ceiling series for when you are laying on the couch. Go for it! Oh, and don’t forget your eclipse glasses.

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    1. Yes, the frustration is, after this epic Winter, I had plans to keep as busy as I could, trespassing with my camera. But, the cards didn’t fall that way and I ended up shooting ( for the Bluestar2012 blog, mostly in our backyard, hobbling about with a cane. We still have our fingers crossed for one last voyage in the Mothership to Ocean Shores in early Sept. Just a short, weekend thing. Depending on what I find out from my doctor next Tuesday, that plan may be delayed or cancelled.
      We do have our eclipse glasses and a spot reserved on Pioneer High School lot in Weiser, ID. Originally we planned on Baker, Oregon, but that seemed to be potentially more crowded, so I dug around online and found the Weiser, ID. school district was chalking off their parking lot and field, putting Porta Potties in and opening the school locker room showers to people who are staying at their site. So……The town is putting on a three day Eclipse Weekend with music, vendors and craft stuff, so much to do, not to mention the Snake River.
      Thanks for the positive spin on things. When you’re in the middle of the swamp, all you see is gators!

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