Walnut Canyon, AZ. : Pt. 1

Thought I would do a couple of posts on Walnut Canyon in Arizona. The National Park Service ‘runs’ the park. To this date, no one has determined who the original inhabitants of the canyon were. As you descend the canyon there are many cliff side ‘dwellings’. The public has access to some of them, on the trail. There are many more dwellings along the canyon walls that there is no access.

Building livable areas in a canyon is a lot of work; I can only think that at some point in the past the people who developed this site, had the resources and know-how to survive in this rocky terrain. Hiking the canyon trail was work, so living their and literally carving out an existence is hard to fathom. Unlike Pueblo Cliff dwellings, you descend into the space where at this time, there is no arable land. The river that runs through the canyon floor now is not much more than a trickle, but in centuries past it might have been a roaring source of water and game. The desert area above the canyon might have been part of a more moderate climate which would supply additional game and perhaps growing opportunities. All speculation at this point. I, however, think this site is very ancient and it presents some interesting relics that spark speculation, which you will see in my next post.

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