Hidden and Abandoned

Abandoned houses along Route 66. Taken from the cockpit of the Mothership you can see the old Route 66 in the foreground. This section of 66 is dirt and not really maintained so only drivable for those without back issues or perhaps in a vehicle that has a very cushy ride.

Safe travels

from the Mothership

hibernating and winterized

in Seattle.

4 thoughts on “Hidden and Abandoned

    1. It was an incredible trip. At times it seemed we had slipped into a time warp. There ware sections of I 40 that tun parallel to Route 66 and within 50 yards. They could have designed in exits/entrances to some of these towns, which perhaps would have kept them alive. Instead, they just laid a slab of concrete straight ahead. I know it would have cost more to build the exits, but? So many lives affected, dreams abandoned.


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