Texola. OK.

In the previous post I mentioned the Vice show, Abandoned, and that they did a piece on Route 66. One of the ghost towns ( my description) they stopped at and chatted with a resident was Texola, OK. Waterhole#2 was where they interviewed the owner and perhaps last remaining resident.

While we were stopped and I was walking around shooting, there were actually two other photographers getting in and out of cars, taking photos. It was nearly 100 degrees so I was trying to get the images as fast as I could. The town just 7 miles to the east is called Erick and it was one step away from ghostliness, too. This stretch of Route 66 is pretty cool as you can pass through a few places like Texola before you run out of good road and are forced to get back on I 40.

I’ll post more images from Texola on Friday. I think it is a place worth looking at and perhaps seeing what happens when the past collides with the future; Texola can be seen as the debris from that collision, in some sense.

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