View From the Cockpit: Part?

Some views from the cockpit in Arizona. Empty space dotted with the occasional Sign, billboard and stays from the herd.

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle!

ps: The Vice channel has a program called Abandoned which is really fascinating. The last episode they traveled Route 66, from Santa Monica to Chicago. We traveled from Peoria ( did not want to sail the Mothership through downtown Chicago) to Barstow. West to East or vice versa works. The show touched on a few places long enough to get a sense of what is going on out there along the Mother Road, including Texola, a place where we stopped. Population : 30, although we didn’t see anyone and only one business, WaterHole#2, looked habitable. An elderly women apparently runs the ‘business’ and is in the process of buying up most of the crumbling houses in the town. After she buys them she paints them green–not sure why.