All About Transportation

Route 66 is all about the movement of people from the Midwest ( Chicago) to Santa Monica. Each section of the road has its own history, but overall it is all about transportation. From the 1950’s-1960’s you might have seen all of the above traveling along the Mother of All Highways.

People used Route 66 for vacation, economic reasons or just the need to see/travel because you can: as the saying goes, ‘Not all who wander are lost’. Whether it was to get out of dustbowl Oklahoma or away from the cement jungle of Chicago, Route 66 was there to entice and accommodate all dreams and dreamers. Part of what Route 66 means to me is a time when America didn’t take itself so seriously, as it seems to today. There was still an element of an identity search going on as a nation. We hadn’t yet become jaded by all of the events that were to follow in the 60’s. A bit of nostalgia now, I guess. The age of the family owned diner, service stations that actually performed a service, pre-strip mall America was a different place.

When I was a kid I loved watching the TV show, Route 66. I still like to view those old Black and White shows today. It’s just as important to know where you came from as to where you are going.