Springfield, Ill.

Lincoln’s House ( the lighter colored one) and another house across the street. The two white ‘outbuildings’ were on the property of the dark brown house, which acts as a small museum for Lincoln Village. Was very humid the morning we spent at the Park. Guided tours are offered every 30 minutes, but you had to sign up in the main office and take whatever time slot was available, which we didn’t do.There was a guy painting the outside of the Lincoln House while we were visiting.

I think we passed through two Springfields this day, Illinois and Missouri. Passing through Missouri we took the route that takes you along the Ozark Mountains ( just hills, basically, at this point). Probably the worst of the humidity we experienced was driving through Missouri.  Humidity and lots of dead armadillos along the highway, which surprised me. I was expecting to see that sort of thing in Oklahoma and Texas, but Missouri had more than the other two states combined.

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle!


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