Homer and Spencer

Last night we docked in Springfield, Missouri . I did discover that this is the hometown of Homer Simpson! He might be as famous as Abe Lincoln, who came from another Spiringfield, in Illinois.

In the morning we drove about 20 miles on the old Route 66 that is still drivable ( much of the original 1920-30 version is gone, but some of the 1950’s road is still viable ( but rough in spots). We drove by the little ( over statement) of Spencer, Missouri. What you see in the photo is the whole town. If you look at the prices for gas, you will see that your eyes ar not deceiving you;  that’s .12 and .14 cents per gallon. The place is frozen in time. Those prices go back to the 50’s and early 60’s.

Tonight we are docked in Clinton, OK. It is 94 degrees out! Being from Seattle, this is heat stroke territory. Tomorrow we head for Roswell, NM. home of the Mother of all Mothership events. The temps and wi-fi may be insufferable. We are heading into the HOT part of our journey.

After a week all is well.

Safe travels,

From the Mothership .

Space Brothers

IMG_1310Or, my next home. Spotted in Livingston, Ill. on Route 66 this morning. I would refer to this as a Scout Ship, little cousin to the Mothership.

Safe travels

now and forever!

From the Mothership.

ps: we have great Wi-Fi tonight in Springfield, Missouri. Is this the hometown of Homer Simpson?