Even in Space there are Wi-Fi Issues

We are in Springfield, Ill, Abraham Lincolns home town. This is the eastern most part of the voyage. Tomorrow we officially start the Route 66 adventure.

The images above were taken today while driving through Iowa, another corn infested state. Illinois seems to be the same, only flatter.

I shot the ‘Brooklyn’ sign for our son, who lives in the other “Brooklyn”😉.

The Mothership blew a 15amp breaker two days ago. We replaced it and seem to have electricity for the moment. If I can put off looking into it till we arrive home……fingers crossed.

The first night out we discovered our ship’s water pump was not working; not a show stopper, but I think the two issues are related. That’s the current mechanical report. 

Medical report: I got food poisoning in Wyoming and spent a night …..well, you can imagine🙁! Doing better. The offending corporation will go nameless, but I will say the color gold appears prominently in their advertising.

Sitting in a laundry in Springfield, USA, hometown of Homer Simpson and Abe Lincoln,

Bidding you safe travels,

From the Mothership👽!