Late Posting

Sorry about the lack of posting. No or slow wi-fi. Images are from Hells Canyon in Idaho and on the Interstate ( somewhere in space?). We are in Lyman, Wyoming at the moment. We were planning on staying in Rock Springs, Wyoming last night BUT, there was a major hazmat issue on I-80, just east of Echo Canyon, Utah. A Fedex semi over turned and one of it’s two trailers was carrying hazardous material, we sat for over three hours waiting for things to get cleaned up. Although the accident occurred in the westbound lane and we were in the east bound lane, the officials decided it was safer to shut everything down. They let our direction go after 3 hours, but the westbound traffic would be spending 9 hours parked on the Interstate till they could get the trailer upright and out of the way. Along this stretch of I-80 there are no frontage roads so there was basically no detour available for the hundreds of vehicles, mostly tractor/trailers.

Murphy’s Law, I guess. So we are now behind a bit in our timetable, but we decided we were pushing things too much, anyway. Being on the road 8-10 hours a day is too much for  me, at least. So, time to slow things down.

Till next time!

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