Mother Jones and More

Illinois and Route 66. The large image is from the cemetery in Mount Olive, Ill. where ‘Mother Jones’ is buried. She was instrumental in fighting for Miners rights, amongst others. I believe the contemporary magazine bearing her name is in memory/honor of her.

The other statue/shrine is of Mother Mary. The plaque and stand are so worn that, even when I zoomed in to try to read the inscription, it was very unclear. Basically it is there for those travelers on Route 66 wishing to ask for protection. This section of Route 66 is rough, but passable for about 40 miles and runs adjacent to the modern highway.

It was a very hot and humid day.So much so I thought my camera was going to start sweating! The cemetery is kind of difficult to find. Mount Olive has one ‘Main street’ and the cemetery is located a mile or so from town, in what looks like endless corn growing country. There was some other Route 66 highlight in Mount Olive that we looked for and couldn’t find. Mount Olive is one of those towns that seems to be barely hanging on, caught in the past; it stretches the definition of ‘town’ to some extent. I think I have a couple of photos of Mount Olive I will try to find and post.

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Main St., Roswell, NM.

Main St., Roswell, NM. and the highway ( I think 89?) leading north of Roswell. Interesting landscape.

I wish we could have had consistent Wi-Fi access throughout the trip. Posting after the fact isn’t as much run as real time. We used up our data plan about halfway through so even that wasn’t much help. So…..the images I post are not necessarily in sequence or matching the actual journey. My MacBook only has so much storage so I end up moving stuff to an external drive and then …..I get lazy and just grab whatever looks interesting to post.

My goal is to post as much of the Route 66 images as I can as they are central to this trip and are a fascinating look at America’s past and what happens when small towns, relying on travelers, are bypassed when a new, national highway system is put into place. The thought that kept going through my mind while viewing these ‘ghost towns’, if you will, is that it could happen anywhere, under the right circumstances. We passed through countless ex-towns that were abandoned due to highway changes or industry moving out. Many coal towns, once the mines were closed, were just deserted and left, leaving a ghostly impression on the landscape. If major businesses in a city of today just dried up or moved, who’s to say it couldn’t happen as it did in smaller towns?


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The Mothership Lands in Roswell

Some images from the UFO Museum on Main St., Roswell, NM. We took a detour from the Route 66 plan for a day or so to drop down to Roswell to see the UFO Museum and the general area where things happened in 1947. Without the draw of the Museum the town of Roswell might have become like many other towns we drove by on Route 66. People from all over the world travel to this area. There is actually a serious side ( research and documentation) to all of this that makes the detour for us worth it.

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Route 66

Version 2I

I have been remiss in posting something directly affixed to the Mother of all Highways, America’s Highway such as this sign at Elk City, OK. home of the official Route 66 museum.

As I crawl through the 1,000 plus images it is like wandering down a rabbit hole. I can be easily distracted and go off in another direction than I had originally intended.

Anyway, this was an important part of the journey and will cover in more detail once I may my way out of the ‘rabbit hole’.


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