New Decal


Since I inadvertently destroyed the original decal with Acetone ( ooopsy) I ordered another one from the same company, in Oregon. If you ever need a car sticker/decal try, they are great! I’ve actually got another one, a little larger than this with a white background as a spare. I like this one as just the graphics stick to the surface. You peel off the backing and after it is set in place, the translucent front part peels off and you are left with just the graphic part. Looks less like a decal and more like an actual painted surface-perhaps?

The countdown begins: Launch date in four days!


Flight Plan of the Mothership

IMG_2167The red line is the proposed flight plan of the Mothership. Departure is 2 Aug. 2016 @ 1000 hrs. ‘Proposed’ plan subject to change, weather issues, etc. We are hoping to bring Seattle weather along with us or maybe we could use some cloaking device to encapsulate us in a more moderate climate?