Maiden Voyage

If all goes well, our “maiden voyage’ in the Mothership will take place on 2 July 2016. In addition to all of the repairs I have been doing there is a mobile technician, Matt, that is working on getting the furnace functioning again. He is due to come out on 30 June to install the control board and new fan generator motor. It might seem odd that the furnace would be a needed item during summer weeks, but our first voyage will be to Seaside, OR., on the Oregon Coast and the weather, even in July, can get damp and cold.

As a preface to this first voyage I  feel I should give a little background info regarding the blog. I have never, until purchasing the Mothership, driven or even ridden in an RV. I have zero experience, so with fresh eyes and a lot of time looking at YouTube videos on ‘How to Drive an RV”; RV maintenance and troubleshooting; Do’s and Don’t’s. In other words, I haven’t a clue what I have got myself into, which is one big reason why I am  inviting you along with me in this journey through space, time and the American highway system.

This blog may devolve into something absurd and off-beat along the lines of a Richard Brautigan novel: i.e. Trout Fishing in America, etc. The Mothership may become my metaphor, identifier, name or place for this novel experience of living/traveling in an RV during this time in our history. Hopefully, anything but boring.