Greetings:First Voyage of 2017

After a long respite I think we are ready for our first voyage of 2017. It’s been a rough year; my co-pilot/navigator fell and broke her arm in late March. A week before that event our 16 y/o cat, Izzy, was diagnosed with bone cancer in his jaw ( amazingly he is still with us) and a week or two after that I broke the 4th metatarsal bone in my right foot ( getting out of bed). I am in a boot, but am hoping I am on the mend enough to have a normal first voyage on July, 1st. I see the podiatrist on June 30th for x-rays, etc. so that is cutting things pretty close to cast off time :-). Currently I am driving my car using my right, big toe to work the pedals, as it is impossible to work the pedals with a boot ( although I did try).

Anyway, The Mothership is Un-Winterized, re-insured for the next three months, and I think, as ready as can be expected. We are just going to Seaside, Oregon for a few days. No major voyages planned this year. We are planning on driving to Eastern Oregon to catch the eclipse in Aug. ( along with a gazillion other crazies).

Greetings from The Mothership!

Safe travels to all in 2017!!

Believe in the Cosmic Giggle………it’s real! 🙂


Some relics from the past. Old names/companies like, Underwood, Smith-Corona, IBM ( maybe the only company of this group to transition into the PC age).

Location: Rock Springs Museum, Rock Springs, WYO.

Getting close to Un-Winterizing the Mothership. There is a mobile RV service north of Seattle that has been helping me with maintenance, repairs, etc. They are coming down April 15th to flush out the system and make sure things didn’t freeze over this past Winter. In May I will wash it, from top to bottom. After the cleaning I have a major project to re-seal all of the roof seams. Takes a special kind of caulk that cost $20 a tube– and I will need at least 10 tubes! It rains so much in the NW……….

By June we should be ready to launch 🙂

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle.

Springfield, MO.


Aug. 9th, 2016. Stayed the night in this RV Park in Springfield, MO. Humidity was so high here you could barely breath. Temps were in the 90’s. The cicadas were deafeningly loud!

There was an old and somewhat odd couple that lived in and ran this park. They dealt in cash only, no capability of doing a credit or debit transaction. Our spot, which you see here, was really close to their office/living space, but the old guy, seemingly on autopilot, got on his electric golf cart and ‘guided’ us to our spot. It was kind of silly, but he had probably been doing this for years and I didn’t want to interfere with his routine, so I followed him for about 50 feet to our spot.

The morning of this day we were in Springfield, Ill. visiting Lincoln’s home. It was a double Springfield day 🙂

Safe travels

from the Mothership

docked in Seattle.